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Engagement Belgian Youth – CoSE

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      I did a video interview with CoSE about local & European engagement for Belgian youth, I believe CoSE really is focusing on this topic in our area the right way.

      Also, the local workshops/trainings are really beneficial, as it explained the local political framework & civic engagement in a broader light for Belgian youth! Happy to have been part of this project. Thank you.

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      Hasan Akın

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with CoSE and highlighting the importance of local and European engagement for Belgian youth. It’s encouraging to see such impactful work being done.

      As a volunteer and one of the interviewers from LİDOSK – Turkey for this inspiring project, I’m always eager to learn more about the different perspectives and insights from everyone involved.

      I’m particularly interested in hearing more about your thoughts on how we can enhance youth participation in these projects. What do you think are the key factors that motivate Belgian youth to engage more actively in our local and European political frameworks? Additionally, how can we, as youth, contribute more to this kind of projects?

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