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Let’s continue the upward trend in voter turnout – EU elections 2024.

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      In 2019, a little over 50% of the European citizens voted for the European Parliament. Even though this is an upward trend compared to 2014, where only 42,6% voted, it is still considerably less than most national elections. For comparison, in the Dutch national elections of 2023, 78% of the electorate casted their vote at the ballots. It has been said that the surge in voter turnout of 2019 is largely caused by the growing youth vote. According to a Eurobarometer survey, the vote of the under 25 age, had surged with 14%, and the 25-39 age range had seen a surge of 12%.

      Even though this sounds promising, I think it is still worrying that the EU-elections do not attract as much attention as the national ones. The European parliament, on many policy areas, has equal, or even greater significance than national parliaments. The EU will keep on struggling with democratic legitimacy, if voter turnout remains relatively low. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we get as many voters to the ballots these June elections. It would be great for the legitimacy of the EU to see, again, a surge in youth participation. Because the youth carries the future, our future.

      I would like to call upon all European citizens in Belgium and beyond, to cast their votes 6-9th of June. Let’s make sure the upward trend of voter turnout will be continued, in overall, and especially youth participation.

      How would we get more young voters to the ballots? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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      In addition, I suggest a few ways to get more young voters to the ballots.
      – Incorporate more EU awareness raising in educational institutions.
      – Target the youth on social media, advertising to cast their vote in June
      – Start social media channels, with the specific purpose of raising awareness about the EU’s democracy
      – Invest in EU-wide journalism and EU-wide newsbroadcasting services.

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