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The project's general objective is to make young people willing to participate actively in civil society and political life at local, national, and European scales. Therefore, specific aims of the D.R.E.A.M.LAND project are the following:

To help build a strong European identity by helping young people understand the inclusive values of the European Union, the policies adopted, the opportunities presented and help them becoming more aware of these issues.

To improve young people's understanding of political literacy and facilitate their access to decision-making mechanisms through online and physical trainings.

To engage young people in the European Union, political life, and civil society.

To encourage young people to critically analyse information by building a more informed and conscious youth considering participatory and inclusive values such as democratic rights, European citizenship, active citizenship, and environmental citizenship.

To connect youth to each other online and physically in line with common goals concerning the European society, such as a carbon-neutral continent.